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20 Effective Tips To Lose Belly Fat

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Lean people are often misguided in thinking they are healthy because their BMI is in the “normal” range. But as of late, a new parameter is considered superior to BMI, and that is waist circumference. Though one may look lean, if one has belly fat, it increases the risk of lifestyle disorders such as Diabetes. Fat around the muscles of the limbs is less dangerous than the fat in and around the visceral organs which mostly constitute belly fat. While many find it challenging to reduce belly fat, here are 20 effective tips to lose belly fat.

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that there isn’t a magic pill that can help with weight loss or reduce belly fat. It is a process that takes time and dedication and the willingness to look out for your own body’s health.

20 effective tips to lose belly fat

(1) Increase fiber intake:

tips to lose belly fat - fiber inake
Fiber – especially soluble fiber – helps in reducing the absorption of carbs and fats. It also helps in slowing down the gut and gives a feeling of “fullness” or satiety which helps in controlling appetite and further addition of calories. Some good sources of fiber include: Flax seeds, avocado, and legumes 

(2) Cardio-exercises:

tips to lose belly fat - cardio
Exercise benefits us in many ways. It helps burn calories from all body parts including belly fat. It is one of the best ways to help reduce belly fat.

(3) Limit trans fat in diet:

tips to lose belly fat - limi trans fats
Junk food is always tempting but it comes with  extra calories which will make up belly fat. Portion control along with making sure to not indulge in foods such as pizzas and burgers will help with calorie intake which in turn will help with weight loss around the belly area.

(4) Avoid oily foods and sweets:

tips to lose belly fat - avoid oily foods and sweets
Many have a misconception that having home made foods is healthy. But those pakoras or samosas that we all love, also add to belly fat and of course, bad cholesterol build up in the body.

(5) Avoid alcohol:

tips to lose belly fat - avoid alcohol
Too much of alcohol will shift the metabolism and the calories in alcohol add to belly fat. There is no need to stop drinking alcohol but there should be a limit to the daily intake.

(6) Include protein in your diet:

tips to lose belly fat - include protein in diet
The Indian diet is high in carbs and fats and isn’t usually a good source of protein. Including a high protein meal will give you much needed strength and also help the body burn fuel including belly fat.

(7) Reduce stress levels:

tips to lose belly fat - reduce stress
Stress causes the secretion of cortisol which leads to abnormal deposition of fat. Keeping the stress levels at bay will help burn the belly fat along with following a healthy lifestyle.

(8) Indulge in strengthening exercises:

tips to lose belly fat - strengthening exercises
They help tone down muscles in the belly. Some examples of such exercises include crunches and other ab workouts which will help activate the belly muscles and help to lose the belly fat. This is one of the best tips to lose belly fat

(9) Avoid unhealthy beverages:

tips to lose belly fat - avoid beverages

You may not know, but most of our calorie intake comes from unhealthy beverages. We tend to ignore the additional calories. Reducing dirnks like sugary fruit juices and sodas will significant help in weight loss around the belly area.

(10) Sleep well:

tips to lose belly fat - sleep well
If one does not sleep well, there are some side effects. The brain remains active and leads to tiredness and a craving for sugar. Long term sleeplessness can lead to belly fat. It’s vital to get a proper sleep because it helps in prevention of weight gain as well.

(11) Intermittent fasting:

tips to lose belly fat - intermittent fasting
Fasting diverts the metabolism towards burning fat. This, of course, has to be done under the guidance of a dietitian because someone who is diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes might suffer some complications. Intermittent fasting can not only help in reducing belly fat but also in the reduction of fat in other parts of the body such as the thigs and hips.

(12) Increase your metabolism:

tips to lose belly fat - green tea increases metabolism
While exercise is one way to increase metabolism, better results can be seen with drinking liquids that can increase metabolism like caffeine and green tea. This can greatly help in weight loss – remember too much of anything can be harmful, so limit both green tea and caffeine intake.

(13) Focus on gut health:

tips to lose belly fat - focus on gut health
Gut microbes control blood sugar levels and are also involved in preventing inflammation of the body. They are essential for proper functioning of the body including immune function. Therefore, they have a significant influence on digestion as well.

(14) Calorie count:

tips to lose belly fat - count healthy calories
This might sound very simple but it’s a very important step. Even if healthy food is consumed more than what is required by the body, it can be converted to fats. So consuming the right amount of calories or less under the guidance of a nutritionist or a dietician can help greatly as well.

(15) Avoid juices and full fat milk:

tips to lose belly fat - avoid full fat milk
Packed juices come with a lot of sweeteners which are not needed by the body. Although milk is beneficial for the body, having it in skimmed form will help in losing the belly fat and weight loss.

(16) Move your body:

tips to lose belly fat - move your body
As of late, step count has gained importance. Physical activity during the day is crucial just like exercising to help lose belly fat. This also helps in preventing lifestyle diseases.

(17) Read food labels:

tips to lose belly fat - read food labels
Most foods have a surprisingly high number of calories. Choose foods that are nutritious and low in calories – it’s challenging but not impossible.

(18) Restrict salt intake:

tips to lose belly fat - restrict salt intake
This will help in avoiding unnecessary water retention. Less than 3-5 gms of salt per day is recommended.

(19) Drink plenty of water:

tips to lose belly fat- drink water
Though there are no direct effects on losing belly fat, drinking enough water will keep the body’s metabolism in normalcy and help in fat burning and losing belly fat.

(20) Make healthy lifestyle choices:

tips to lose belly fat - make healthy lifestyle choices
An overall healthy lifestyle is to be followed. Consistency and combining methods is more important. 

There is no single method to effectively lose belly fat. It’s a holistic approach and there are no foods to particularly burn fat, unfortunately. But by following these 20 tips to lose belly fat, one can also maintain their weight. If you are facing challenges when it comes to losing weight, consulting with a physician, or a dietician can help as they can rule out any underlying medical conditions or pathologies that may be causing the weight gain. Don’t make any significant changes to your diet before talking to a professional – each body is different, there is no one way to a healthy lifestyle.

In this video, dietician Pooja Bohora details the healthy foods that you can incorporate into your diet to help reduce belly fat.


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best way to lose belly fat

tips to lose belly fat

tips to reduce belly fat

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