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Busting Myths: COVID-19 Vaccination and Menstural Cycle

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The COVID-19 vaccinations approved in India are Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V. As most vaccinations, they too come with side effects that are considered to be normal as the body begins to develop immunity against the virus. Besides the side effects of these vaccines, there have been many queries the COVID-19 vaccination and the menstural cycle. The spread of rumors on social media channels has not helped experts who are trying to make sure accurate information is out there.

Is it safe to take while on your period? Does it delay or stop your period? Read on to learn from experts the FACTS about COVID-19 vaccination and menstrual cycle.

Can women take the COVID-19 vaccine during menstruation? 

Yes, you can take the jab even if you’re on your period. There is no need to schedule your vaccination based on your menstrual cycle.

Will getting the COVID-19 vaccine have any kind of effect on your periods?

There has been no research that the COVID-19 vaccine affects a women’s menstrual cycle directly. But it is important to remember that many factors can affect menstrual cycles. These include stress, insomnia, diet changes, weight loss, medications, anxiety, infections and other medical conditions.

Vaccines will not impact a woman’s menstrual cycle, but most commonly it is the stress and strain that can generally lead to some variation happening in the period pattern; that is, periods can become slightly irregular, mildly heavy, or a woman might miss her period. We suggest that when it comes to medical care, take everything you hear and see on social media with a grain of salt. Instead, take the advice of a professional should you experience any changes in your period after the vaccine or if you have any questions relating to the COVID-19 Vaccination and menstural cycle.

Does menstruation affect the vaccine’s efficacy?

There is no data that proves that a menstruation woman won’t be protected by the vaccine. There have been claims that because a woman is considered immunocompromised to some while on her period, the vaccine will not have the desired effect on her immune system. This is simply NOT true. The vaccines have been deemed safe and effective to take during menses.

Does the COVID-19 vaccine affect fertility?

pregnant woman

There are many anti-vaxxers that have spread rumors about this devastating so-called long term effect of the vaccine. The truth is that there is no evidence to prove that the COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility at all – both that of men and women. There is no way in which they could interfere with the functioning of the reproductive organs in either men or women.

Also, taking various vaccines under medical supervision will lead to the development of antibodies in the woman. These antibodies will be transmitted to the baby inside the womb and after delivery to the infant through breast-milk thus leading to natural protection of the baby. This way, the mothers’ antibodies will go to the fetus and then the infant to protect that baby from contracting various diseases. Thus, vaccination is not only crucial for the mother but also the baby.

Furthermore, there are women that are reporting “odd” periods at least once after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. As we know there are many factors that can affect your period, but any changes in your period after the vaccine, is temporary. This could include changes in duration of the period, and the amount of blood bled during the cycle. This is NOT true for every woman taking the vaccine and if it does happen, it should only last one cycle. 

If you are already experiencing menopause and have bled after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, consult with a gynecologist immediately. 

Most importantly, there is no data or researched based evidence that proves there is any connection with the vaccines and the menstrual cycle. The vaccine is the best measure available to protect yourself from contracting the COVID-19 novel virus. It is advised that whether you have your period, or are going to get your period, or just finished your period, it does not matter, register to get the vaccine today. 

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COVID-19 Vaccination and Menstural Cycle

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