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PCOS Hair Fall: Management Of PCOS Hair Loss In Women

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PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormone disorder that is very common in India. It presents with enlarged ovaries with small cysts and causes symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, hirsutism, hair loss, and obesity. PCOS can be caused due to genetic and environmental factors and while there is no cure for it, it can be managed. Birth control pills are often prescribed to regulate the menstrual cycle. Along with this, if the condition is severe, metformin is also given to keep insulin resistance at bay. While treatment is considered, lifestyle changes are often suggested as the first line because it helps drastically with symptomatic relief. PCOS hair fall is one of the biggest concerns in those experiencing this condition, and there are ways to manage it as well.

Management Of PCOS Hair Loss In Women

PCOS Hair fall

PCOS hair fall occurs because of the excess male hormones produced in the body. These male hormones called androgens also include testosterone. Androgens have a role to play in the stimulation of hair growth – especially during puberty. In PCOS there is an overproduction of androgen, which causes virilization. This is what causes the PCOS side effects such as excessive hair growth on the face, neck, chest and stomach. But, the androgen can also cause hair thinning, on the front scalp – this is called androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. 

Women often get worried about hair fall due to PCOS because the hair loss needs treatment to grow back. There are both medical treatments suggested by a gynecologist and home remedies verified by a professional that can help with the management of PCOS hair loss in women. Always get your questions answered by a specialist.

(1) Birth control pills: These have the ability to reduce the amount of free androgens in the body. This in turn will reduce hair loss and excessive hair growth as well.
Spironolactone: This is an oral medication  which has antiandrogenic property that treats fluid retention and androgenetic alopecia
(3) Minoxidil: This topical medication helps in treated male and female pattern baldness. 

Some home remedies that can be used as part of PCOS hair fall treatment include: 

(1) Managing BMI: Research has proved that weight loss significantly helps in PCOS symptoms because it lowers androgen levels.
Biotin and zinc supplements: Hair loss can be aggravated when there is deficiency of these nutrients. Taking supplements help in preventing further hair loss
(3) Shampooing hair daily should be done as there are chances of greasiness due to Excess androgens.
(4) Avoid pulling out hair and tight hair-dos. This will only aggravate hair loss.
(5) Warm Oil massages with oils like coconut oil/almond oil will help in increasing blood circulation and carrying nutrients to the hair follicles
(6) Avoid coloring of hair which will further damage the hair follicles. If you have a habit blow drying your hair, make sure you avoid the over heat and try to blow from about 6 inches and not closer than that
(7) Even if your BMI is in normal limits, limit those Junk and Fried foods. Avoid sugary foods. All of this will cause Insulin resistance and eventually increased Androgens
(8) Moderate intensity Exercise at least for 30 min every day for 5 days a week will help in reducing the Insulin resistance and normalize androgen levels 

Watch the video by gynecologist Dr. Rakshita Bhutale below to understand more about PCOS symptoms.

Medicine isn’t always the answer to all conditions, some can be managed effectively through lifestyle changes. With MFine’s 3-Month PCOS Care Plan, you are treated with holistic care by experts. A gynecologist will plan a treatment personalized for you along with monthly consultations and wellness sessions weekly. Furthermore, symptoms such as those caused by hormonal imbalances are also addressed via an endocrinologist.

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Check out these videos

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