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Suffering from weight issues?
Mfine can help you find the top Dietitians in Bangalore. See reviews and ratings from thousands of patients who have booked an online consultation with our certified doctors.


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Dietitians in Bangalore

Bangalore has some of the top dietitians who are well-qualified to make you an eating plan as per your nutritional needs, that has the supplements expected to deal with your condition. They are also trained to assist you if you are suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Other Chronic Diseases. 

There are several private and Government hospitals with dietitians you can consult when residing in Bangalore. They offer both in-person and online consultations. Apart from these hospitals, you can also find several private experts who can help you with diet related problems.

How to find a good dietitian in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a metro with good availability of dietitians across all areas. To find a good dietitian in Bangalore, you can rely on MFine. We help you connect with the top Dietitians from your city. 

Step 1: Set your location as Bangalore

Step 2: Search for Dietitian

Step 3: You can set the filters based on experience, language, location, availability, gender, and hospital.

Step 4: You can also sort by earliest availability, nearest location, and most experienced Dietitian.

How to choose a dietitian?

On the MFine app, you can connect with the best dietitian nearby for all diet-related problems or conditions. You can choose a dietitian for yourself based on the dietitian’s years of experience, preferred language, gender, and availability. 

How to book an online consultation with a dietitian on MFine?

To book an online consultation:

  • Select the Dietitian
  • Add patient details like name, gender, and age
  • Start your consultation

You can also download the MFine app and avail of consultation on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of dietitian consultation in Bangalore?

The average cost of a Dietitian consultation in Bangalore is around Rs.500. The cost might vary based on your condition. 

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95 matches found for: Dietitians In Bangalore

Dt.  Parvathy Menon, Dietitian
8+ Yrs Exp ₹399 ₹149 for first consultation

BSC, MSC (Food and Nutrition)

Dietitian Speaks: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi
Dt.  Bhagyasri Goud, Dietitian
5+ Yrs Exp ₹399 ₹149 for first consultation

BSC, MSC (Applied Nutrition)

Dietitian Speaks: English, Hindi, Telugu
Dt.  Astha Shrivastava, Dietitian
7+ Yrs Exp ₹375 ₹125 for first consultation

B.Sc, PG Diploma in Dietetics and Therapeutic Nutrition

Dietitian Speaks: English, Hindi
Dt.  Nikhat Asma, Dietitian
6+ Yrs Exp ₹399 ₹149 for first consultation

M.SC Food and Nutrition

Dietitian Speaks: English, Hindi, Kannada
Dt.  Amrutha Gowri, Dietitian
24+ Yrs Exp ₹499 ₹249 for first consultation

BSC, MSC (Applied Nutrition)

Dietitian Speaks: English, Kannada
Dt.  Pooja Bohora, Dietitian
10+ Yrs Exp ₹399 ₹149 for first consultation

BSC, MSC (Dietetics)

Dietitian Speaks: English, Hindi, Marathi
Dt.  Bhawi Panwar, Dietitian
7+ Yrs Exp ₹375 ₹125 for first consultation

BSC, MSC (Food and Nutrition)

Dietitian Speaks: Hindi, English
Dt.  Ushasree, Dietitian
29+ Yrs Exp ₹599 ₹349 for first consultation

BSC, MSC (Nutrition & Dietetics)

Dietitian Speaks: English, Telugu
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