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Cannot obtain the required nutrients for good health? Dietary counseling is the key to the solution.


Dietary counseling is an ongoing process in which a nutritionist works in close association with the individual to assess his/her medical history, lifestyle, physical health, and dietary intake to identify areas where there is a need to be changed for the better health.
Males and females all need dietary counseling to stay fit and healthy.

Dietary counseling is essential as a therapy for lifestyle modifications to improve physical health and aid treatment of various medical conditions. Special nutritional counseling on an individual basis is required to help in the improvement of the following conditions:
- Diabetes
- Lipid profile disorders
- Cardiovascular conditions
- Renal conditions
- Gastroenterological conditions
- Hypertensive disorders
- Transplantations
- Patients undergoing cancer treatment
- Obesity
- Underweight individuals for healthy weight gain
- Pregnancy
Nutritional counseling helps you get the optimum health through an appropriate diet plan.

Ages affected - Dietary counseling can be required at all ages to maintain good health.

The procedure of dietary counseling:
Nutrition counseling involves the following process:
- Assessment of dietary habits
- Body weight assessment
- Setting new dietary guidelines
- Setting goals to be achieved
- Maintaining the changes achieved
- Eating disorders


Specialists: You should approach a nutritionist, to assess and provide the most appropriate dietary plan based on your medical history and lifestyle. At Mfine, we are here to help you with different health issues effectively. Get on board with us touch to receive a holistic treatment plan.

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