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How The Pandemic Has Made Us Realize That Health Is The True Wealth

Dr. Pragnya Rao

Take care of your body- it is the only place you can live in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot. Amidst all the social distancing, hand washing, and lockdown, you may have realized and understood that the greatest three magic words are probably “Health is Wealth”. Additionally, you may have realized that you can’t keep a doctor away with just an apple. 

Health is a universal right. It is inalienable and applies equally to everyone, irrespective of citizenship, socio-economic background, financial status, religion, age or gender.  The lockdown established to battle the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on each of our lives. While global economies tanked, public gatherings and events were cancelled, we are being exposed to circumstances where we are required to pay mindful attention to our own safety so we can remain in optimum health

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Before the lockdown, most of you went about your routines, not paying much attention to what kind of lifestyles you were choosing to live by. Now, while staying at home, you can turn this situation to an opportunity to rethink and evaluate if you have made any of these unhealthy choices:

A lot of oil, junk and too much spice do not make anything nice

Poor dietary choices, inadequate or improper spacing between meals and skipping meals can lead to a whole array of adverse health conditions such as gastritis, constipation, diabetes among others. You are what you eat”may not find a better time to resonate with this.

Ground twists, pilates, burpees, & planks

These may certainly not be the actual ingredients to be Ironman, but one should note that lazing around or lack of exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes a day definitely does not help. Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” 

The body remembers

You do not have to be Jon Snow to not know that habits like smoking and regular drinking of alcohol can have deleterious effects on the body, which can lead to liver issues, cancer, and respiratory problems.

Mind over mayhem

We often undermine the effects of our surroundings on our mental health. Spending excessive time on digital devices and preferring to stay cocooned instead of sharing our problems with near and dear ones can cause disruptions in our mental well being and lead to adjustment issues, anxiety, and depression.

It is fundamental that we are more responsible about the state of our bodies and minds because the equilibrium of the two is what truly constitutes optimum health. That is the secret to really experience “Hakuna Matata!

Spend the rest of the lockdown and social distancing by evaluating your health choices and making a difference today. This may range from something as simple as drinking water to helping your mother in the kitchen and taking any regular medications on time. To help you with this, we present to you — The Good Health Bingo:

While there is so much more you can do to take care of your health, you can also share this with your friends and family to gift them the mindfulness of having a happy, healthy life

If you notice you might have any symptoms, speak to a specialist online. If you decide that you want a diet plan, you can always reach out to dietitians on MFine. Mental health professionals are also available on the platform to help you with issues like anxiety, depression among others.

Your health is in your hands. Make a plan today to truly be wealthy. 

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