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Having Tummy Ache? 6 Possible Causes Of Abdominal Pain

Dr. Pragnya Rao

Abdominal pain can be a result of other underlying health conditions that may need to be evaluated.

Abdominal pain is one of the most common health complaints. The pain can be sudden, or can gradually increase over time. There are many reasons why these ‘stomach aches’ or ‘cramps’ occur.  Some of the more generic and everyday causes of stomach aches can include- gastroenteritis and acid reflux. There may be associated symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and bowel disturbances. 

Apart from common causes, abdominal pain can be a result of other underlying health conditions that may need to be evaluated. Mentioned below is a list of causes of abdominal pain along with other symptoms which help understand if there are any underlying issues present.

  • Upper abdominal pain with ‘burps’, ‘sour taste’ and sometimes nausea- This could be indicative of acute gastritis and acid reflux, especially when these symptoms accentuate on eating spicy or sour food items. 
  • Recurring abdominal pain with fatigue and appetite loss- A variety of health issues including anaemia and vitamin deficiencies can lead to fatigue, recurrent abdominal pain and appetite loss. One should test for these and even can consider going for a full body checkup.
  • Pain with vomiting and diarrhoea- While these symptoms may point towards a GI tract infection, one should immediately consult online with a doctor when facing these symptoms. Your doctor may advise you to get your blood count test, as well as the electrolytes tests, done.
  • Abdominal pain along with missed periods– Missed periods associated with abdominal pain will need evaluation and ruling out the most common cause- pregnancy. A pregnancy test can be taken if your gynaecologist recommends you to do so.
  • Severe abdominal pains along with backache and urinary issues- This can point towards problems with the kidneys such as stones and infection. A kidney function test is usually recommended when facing these.
  • Abdominal pains during periods with abnormal bleeding- Dysmenorrhea can cause stomach pain during periods. Abnormal or heavy bleeding can be indicative of PCOD and sometimes, thyroid issues. Your gynaecologist may recommend you to get tests for them done.

Mild pains often go away on their own without requiring medical intervention.  However, if the pain is severe or continuous along with symptoms such as bloody stools, vomiting, yellowing of skin and eyes, swelling or tenderness in the stomach or difficulty in breathing, then a doctor should be immediately consulted.

During this period of us staying indoors, we might often ignore health issues such as stomach aches, however, as we can see not all stomach aches are benign and the cause should be medically investigated. Don’t forget to consult online with a doctor if you are facing persistent abdominal pains. Download the MFine app and talk to specialists near you.

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