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8 Things To Know Before Going For An MRI Scan

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If you are going for an MRI scan for the first time, the idea of it might send your worries and fears into overdrive. Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI helps the doctor to check the health of your organs and diagnose illness if any.

Many people are scared of the idea of lying inside a “big box” or “tunnel” but the truth is that it isn’t scary at all. MRI is a common and important diagnostic scan that helps the doctor to diagnose your health problem accurately.

If you have been recommended an MRI scan here are a few things you should definitely be aware of:

  • It is not harmful

MRIs are completely safe and it does not expose you to any kind of radiation. However, if safety is still a concern for you it best that you discuss with your doctor. Before the scan, you will be asked questions pertaining to your safety and medical history, it is important that you answer them honestly.

  • It can be loud

You will be hearing sounds like banging and clanking during the scan. The sound range can go 90 decibels. You can bring your own cotton or silicone buds. In some cases, some adults and children may need sedation so that they can stay still when they hear the loud sounds.

  • Stay still

It is important that you do not move in the machine so that the desired images are obtained. Any kind of movement can decrease the photo quality or make it unreadable. Therefore, stay still and focus on reducing your movements.

  • It may take some time

The time required for an MRI depends on where you are getting the scan. You can either be done in 30 minutes or it might take up to 90 minutes. It is important to remember that you have to remain as still as possible else you might have to retake the scan.

  • No metal allowed

Metal objects like earrings, rings, nose pin or any kind of jewellery are not permitted in an MRI machine. The reason for this is that loose metal objects can be pulled towards the machine due to its strong magnet.

  • Makeup is a no-no

Some cosmetic products may contain metals that can interact with the magnet, so do not wear any makeup or nail polish. Also avoid applying moisturizers, sunscreen, deodorant and hair products.

  • Inform about your tattoos

During MRI, the dye present in the tattoo can heat up and cause skin or eye irritations or even first degree burns. Tell your doctor or technician in advance if you have any tattoos. Covering them up does not solve anything.

  • Inform your doctor if you’re claustrophobic

During the MRI, you will be lying inside a tube-shaped machine. Time spent can vary, it could also be as long as an hour. If you deal with claustrophobia, an MRI scan can make you anxious. To better cope with the process, it is best that you talk with your doctor in advance and share your concerns. You might be prescribed a medicine that will help you stay calm during the scan.

Once you know what to expect before and during an MRI scan, the procedure becomes much less intimidating. This medical imaging technique is not only painless but risk-free as well. It also gives your doctor valuable insights into what may be happening inside your body. 

You can now book radiology services from the best medical imaging centres in your city at attractive discounts with a free doctor consultation online. Download the MFine app to book your medical scan today.

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