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4 First Aid Methods You Can Perform At Home

Samya Ghosal

It is the immediate medical assistance given to a person suffering from a serious illness or injury.

The COVID-19 pandemic can bring a lot of challenges amidst the lockdown and going by the current trend of the infection, it is likely that we will have to stay indoors for a longer period in order to remain safe. It is therefore important for us to know how we can take care of ourselves during this time.

While social distancing will keep us safe from the coronavirus, we can still be prone to other health hazards such as accidents, other forms of illnesses, and negligence of chronic conditions. Being aware of basic first aid methods is thus very useful right now. We have compiled a list of first aid methods as recommended by most medical authorities for you to learn and be prepared for any eventuality-

Chest pain

Chest pain can be indicative of a heart attack or cardiac arrest. If you notice someone collapsing from chest pain, the first step should be to call an ambulance. Until medical help arrives, you can begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Even you have not received training, you can perform chest compressions in rapid succession on the person experiencing a heart attack. 

Cuts and bruises

Cuts and bruises can lead to bleeding, which when severe or profuse can result in complications. Rinse the wound under running water and then, you may use a clean cloth to cover the wound and mount pressure on it. The wounded area can also be lifted up which will help in stopping the bleeding. Added to this, if the injury has been inflicted by a rusted piece of metal, then medical help must be called for, as a tetanus shot is mandatory under such conditions.


The first step of managing burns is to stop the source of the injury. Contrary to popular belief, ice should NOT be used to cool the area. Pouring water or bringing the burnt area under running water is effective. Oil or butter should not be used and if blisters are found, they should not be burst. Medications and ointments should not be administered without a doctor’s prescription. For severe burns, medical intervention is necessary.


Irrespective of the severity of the injury, do not attempt to realign the bones of the injured person. Pad the broken limb heavily in order to restrict movement. You can put an icepack over the injured area, but not directly on the skin. The broken limb can be elevated and if pain-relieving medication and anti-inflammatory agents are at hand, they can be given to the injured person. It is important to understand that fracture is a severe injury and medical help is ultimately required. First-aid will only help in comforting the injured person until professional help is made available. 

Try to learn these basic first aid methods by heart. Keep in mind that helping each other during this time of lockdown be it through providing first aid, informing others about the importance of social distancing or making resources available to the underprivileged is the only way to come of this crisis as better, stronger and healthier humans. We are all in this together and we need to look after each other. India Khayal Rakhna

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