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2021’s Unforgettable Health Learnings To Remember In 2022

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A recent virtual office party for Christmas at MFine put things into perspective as we talked about how 2020 and 2021 have been the toughest years of our lives. While we expected it to be better than 2020, it wasn’t and in fact worse for many. An employee said – ‘I have no idea how fast the year went by!’Another retorted- ‘ You know, I wish there was a way to simply wipe the memory of 2020 and 2021 clean from my brain space.’ This sure did spark a burst of laughter but also this sense of longing for 2022 to be a better year and mostly in terms of good health. 

Many of us have had a tough time in 2021, balancing losses and gains, and we are of the assumption that the former took most of the cake that was 2020. However, this isn’t true. We do have ample of knowledge, awareness and lessons that we learnt in this swiftly-ending year, a lot more for some than they gained all their lives.

Health is the one true and greatest wealth

If all the possessions we own in the world were to stand in front of the magic mirror and ask ‘ Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best wealth of them all?’, we could be now sure that the answer would be a resounding ‘It is Health!’

The year has taught us that living is more than just survival. Money does not buy happiness but being in good health does. 

eating healthy health learnings mfine

Health of humans and the planet go together

When the lockdown began, a lot of people thought the pandemic was a way of Mother Nature getting back at us for all the damage we have done. In a way, this is true. With rising levels of pollution, and of course, climate change (yes, it is very much real), and many other factors, we have seen a rise in not just infectious diseases, but also lifestyle disorders, cancers, etc. 

Human activity can cause deleterious effects on the environment if we do not take adequate measures to regulate it. A lesson to take forward is to now be wary of how our actions affect our surroundings. Saying no to plastic, wearing masks to combat air pollutants, and judicious waste disposal are bare minimums that we need to do. 

outdoor pollution health learnings mfine

Prevention is certainly better than cure

A lot of patients admitted for the treatment of COVID-19 were newly diagnosed with diabetes. This discovery has led to the understanding that a lot of us may not even know if we had risks of developing diabetes.

What we could do, is take steps to invest towards good health: taking self-assessment tests, consulting a doctor online, managing optimum weight, managing stress, getting lab tests regularly are ways to prevent late detection of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, PCOD etc. Apart from this, we must, of course, continue to wash hands regularly, wear a mask when outside and maintain social distancing as part of prevention measures- with or without the vaccine even.

mfine app on phone tested positive for covid

Self-care is more important than ever

2021 has gotten us familiar with the power of priorities. Mental health takes the top of the pyramid, even when physically healthy. A monumental rise in people reaching out with symptoms of health-related anxiety, work-related stress, etc during the pandemic is a testament to the fact that we all need to take a deep breath, step back and see the bigger picture of things.

The bigger picture here is the absolute necessity to indulge in self-care: may it be honing your hobbies, taking a break to do something you like, to simply sleep on time or take time to practice skincare routines!

learning to play guitar mfine

Adapting to change & being ready

The uncertainty of the future- including wondering if the vaccines will make this pandemic go away or if there will be any more pandemics has caught us in a net of millions of possibilities. However, we know for a fact that there are many more challenges we might have to face when it comes to health- be it more pandemics in the future or dealing with multiple stressful events stemming from the habits we make today. 

Being ready for the future is just the same as adapting to change in the present. While we may not have control over a lot of things, we do know that we have some control over our health. Reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, opting healthy diet options and regularly exercising are basic things we could be consistent with, even if a pandemic comes and goes!

family meditation mfine

With these lessons to take forward, we can step into 2022 with the hindsight of 2021’s lessons of life. It is rightly said that experience is the greatest teacher, and we can surely impart the same to our children, and the future generations by being responsible for our own health and surroundings. 

You can now get full body check-ups as well as consultation with our top specialist on the MFine app from the comfort of your home. #CareComesHome

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