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Back To Work: Important Tips For Employees To Follow As Offices Reopen

Smitakshi Guha

It's important to take necessary precautions for the safety of not just yourself but also your colleagues.

With lockdown relaxations setting in and most offices planning to reopen with new sets of guidelines, it’s going to take a while for all of us to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ 

After a 2 to 3 months long work from home routine, it’s but obvious to feel slightly overwhelmed with the thought of commuting to work, seeing your team members, participating in face to face meetings, and so much more. The whole idea is bittersweet, because on one hand, you feel some part of your life before coronavirus is being restored but, on another hand, risk and safety-related concerns continue to linger in the back of your mind. 

Take a deep breath because this is absolutely normal and with time, you will indeed adapt to this new normal. While your organization is definitely doing their part in ascertaining complete safety of their employees as they plan to reopen their offices, as an individual, it’s also imperative for you to ensure you follow the right safety guidelines and take necessary precautions for the safety of not just yourself but also your colleagues.

Follow these important tips as your offices reopen and you get back to work—

  1. Make sure you always wear your mask and carry a bottle of sanitizer as you go to work.
  2. Make it a point to not touch your face or mask as much as possible. If you need to do so, make sure you sanitize your hands before and after
  3. Do not remove your mask or wear it over your neck while speaking to your colleagues.
  4. Try to minimize the number of times you touch elevator buttons, doorknobs, etc. Wash your hands every time you touch these common touchpoints.
  5. Maintain at least 2 meters distance from other employees while you’re in office. Avoid handshakes! ‘Namaste’ should be your go-to greeting now.
  6. If you don’t have your own vehicle and are commuting via cabs or other public transport, make sure you avoid contact with other people as much as possible.
  7. Lunch-time and tea-breaks at the office can feel nostalgic, but don’t breach social distancing guidelines by sharing a bite together. Avoid smoking too. 
  8. Try going to the office only if it is really needed. In all possibilities, your employer won’t ask for your physical presence more than twice/thrice a week unless absolutely necessary.
  9. Install the government-recommended Aarogya Setu App on your mobile to keep your health status updated and also understand safe zones around you.
  10. 10. If under any circumstance, you experience any COVID-19-related or flu-like symptoms, make sure to inform your office manager immediately and proceed to self-quarantine.

With awareness and the right precautions, you can do your bit in fighting COVID-19. For any health concerns, consult India’s top doctors online on MFine. Ab #HarGharMeinDoctor.

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