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No More Grey: Tips to Stop Premature Greying

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Greying of hair is a natural process, and the appearance of grey hair around the mid-40s is normal. But it can be a nightmare when you find a strand of grey peeping out of the black ones as early as in your 20s or 30s.

Healthy hair indicates general well-being and youth. They also serve as a great aesthetic tool –  hair colour and style can remarkably change the physical appearance of a person and therefore change his/her image. Since greying of hair is considered as a sign of old age, premature greying of hair can have an impact on the self-esteem of an individual.

Why does early greying happen?

Early greying happens when the body stops producing melanin, the pigment responsible for the dark colour of hair. Often, it happens due to lack of nutrition and a well-balanced diet. With age, your body’s ability to synthesize normal melanin pigments reduces and thus your hair starts greying. But, premature greying of hair is not natural and requires treatment and some lifestyle changes. Consult online on the mfine app and get advice from top dermatologists today!

Causes of premature greying

In modern times, because of high-stress levels and pollution, even the young girls and boys as young as 16 are experiencing greying of hair. It has, in fact, become an important issue and thousands of people, men, and women alike, are seeking medication. Some of the causes of premature greying of hair are:


This is one of the main reasons for premature greying. If your parents had premature grey hair, then you are also likely to face problems with hair turning grey at an early age. Though there is no certainty that this would happen, the chances are quite high.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C, B12, E, Zinc and Copper are important to avoid premature grey hair. These vitamins and minerals are responsible for helping metabolic processes in your hair and supply its natural colours. Lack of these nutrients would make your hair turn grey.


Smoking is again something that causes premature greying of hair. Smoking causes oxidative stress which reduces the ability of your cells to produce melanin and other pigments. This results in hair greying.


The chances of premature greying are high when you are not on a healthy diet. Junk food accelerates premature ageing as oxidative stress increases. Eat more fruits and vegetables as it would help delay the process of greying hair.


If you prefer to laze on your couch or bed all of the time, the risks of premature greying are high. Your cells produce melanin better when you sweat and exercise. It is important to have an active lifestyle which includes an exercise session every day.

How to stop premature greying?

Hair massage: Massaging the scalp and oiling the hair can prevent premature greying. It helps in producing melanin and improving blood circulation.

Include vitamin B12, B9, and D3 in your diet: These are essential for the nourishment of hair. Include meat, eggs, and dairy products, green vegetables, and seafood to prevent early greying.

Quit smoking: One of the harmful effects of smoking is the loss of hair pigment which leads to premature greying. Also, quitting smoking will help in reproducing melanin which can reverse early greying of hair.

Use only dermatologist-approved hair products: Harsh chemicals in shampoos can be responsible for early greying. Use herbal products, like shampoos rich in gooseberry.

Good hygiene: Wash your hair frequently. Take care of your scalp and prevent it from dust and dandruff.

Avoid hair dyes with harsh chemical agents: Hair dyes also contribute to loss of hair pigment, so reduce the use of hair dyes, especially the ones that contain hydrogen peroxide.

Premature greying indicates that your hair isn’t getting enough nutrients. Since premature greying among young adults is on the rise, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The remedies mentioned above are effective to avoid premature greying of hair. Healthy lifestyle and nutritious food not only prevent early greying but can also help in reversing premature greying. At mfine, you can consult online with the best dermatologists and cosmetologists and receive useful preventive measures and tips for a healthy lifestyle to prevent early greying. Download the mfine app and get healthcare services at your convenience.

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