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What Happens To Your Body When You Watch Horror Movies

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You might want to take up that The Conjuring movie offer from your friends this Halloween. Why? Because along with fear, the thrill of watching horror movies brings with itself an array of health benefits. Science backs it too! Evidence exists that horror flicks affect your physical and mental health in positive ways.

So, stop being a scaredy-cat, pop up some popcorn and tune into Ju-on: The Grudge!  But before doing that, read on to know why horror movies are good for your health.

Here’s Johnny to burn your calories

A University of Westminster study revealed that watching 90-minutes of hair-raising terror can burn as much as 113 calories which is equivalent to calories burned during a half an hour walk. It also suggested that movie moments that include jump scares are the best calorie burners as they increase the heart rate. So,  watch a horror movie when you skip the gym next time?

Horror movies good for health 1 mfine

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The power of happiness compels you 

Horror flicks relieve stress! This may sound opposing to the fact that watching this movie genre causes stress to our body. But it has been found that they can help reduce stress and manage them better in reality. Your whole body gets tensed and the adrenaline (it combats anxiety too) starts to pump when you watch a horror movie. This creates a perfect diversion for forgetting the stressful events in your life. You’re left feeling relaxed and happy after the movie is over.

Horror movies health benefits 2

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Do you want to boost your immunity?

Research published in the journal Stress reported that watching a terrifying film increases the levels of white blood cells (WBSs) for a short time. These cells help in fighting off infection when a harmful bacterium enters our body. Moreover, suspenseful scenes in the movies give your body jolts of dopamine, serotonin and glutamate hormones that improve the immune system. If you catch a cold next time, grab a bowl of chicken soup and watch The Exorcist.

horror movies health benefits 3

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Other health benefits of watching horror movies

  • You feel less frustrated 
  • They make you feel happier
  • Help you face your fears
  • Good for your brain health
  • Strengthen relationships

To get the benefits of a scary flick, one needs to be frightened while watching it. Thus, make sure to choose a movie that gives you the chills as well as thrills.

horror movies health benefits 4

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Note: Children, heart patients and people suffering from PTSD should refrain from watching horror movies.

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