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What Is Premature Ejaculation & How To Deal With It?

Dr. Arpit Gupta

Find out what causes premature ejaculation and how to overcome it.

Premature ejaculation is a phenomenon in which you ejaculate semen in less than a minute after penetration. It may take just a few thrusts for you to ejaculate, which is not ideal if you want a longer period of sex. It is also quite frustrating for your partner since it seems like you’re done before you’ve even started!

Premature ejaculation can happen to any man, at any time. The most basic reason for healthy males who have never had ejaculation problems and who occasionally ejaculate early is that their sexual excitement reaches its peak earlier than usual. This results in ejaculation.

However, some men experience it off and on, when they are unable to hold in the ejaculate for less than a minute after penetration. They cannot delay it at all, even if they try to distract themselves from thoughts of orgasm.

If it happens all the time during sex, you should see your physician right away.

What causes it?

You might be surprised to note that premature ejaculation is often not the result of a lack of fitness or an organ that doesn’t work as it should. Some of the reasons for it include:

  • Poor body image, resulting in less confidence when getting intimate
  • History of child sexual abuse
  • Lack of support or ridicule from previous sexual partners
  • Depression
  • Social or relationship anxiety
  • Guilt about sex that forces early ejaculation to finish as quickly as possible
  • Oversensitive sexual organs that respond rapidly to the slightest stimulus
  • Infection of the urethra and/or prostate
  • An abnormal spike in hormone levels

The two types of premature ejaculation

  • Primary ejaculation: This is a condition in which some men have always suffered from premature ejaculation, right from the time they first started having sex.
  • Secondary ejaculation: Also known as ‘acquired premature ejaculation’, this is a condition that has recently developed after no previous history of premature ejaculation.

Do note that you might have occasional phases of rapid ejaculation, followed by phases of normal ejaculation. This is often not a cause for concern.

What you need to know about it

  • It’s a normal and treatable condition, so don’t stress yourself over it
  • Simple steps can be taken to address premature ejaculation such as masturbating an hour or two before sex can help in delaying ejaculation. The pinch technique can also be practiced which involves the partner squeezing the end of your penis at the point where the head joins the shaft until the urge to ejaculate passes. A doctor can recommend practicing other kinds of sexual play so that pressure is removed from sexual encounters.
  • There are condoms from reputed brands that help in delaying climax. You could try these on to see if they help the problem
  • It is often anxiety- and stress-related, more than a biological or physiological concern. Speaking to your doctor or a registered mental health practitioner can help relieve some of the stress you feel about it, and help improve your sexual performance
  • A supportive partner is essential–encouragement, trying new positions, or withdrawing when the penis is erect and starting over, are some things to try

What your doctor can do about it

Most doctors prescribe anti-anxiety medication to reduce clients’ stress about the issue. This helps to a large extent, as does talking to your doctor frankly about your fears and concerns. If need be, you may consult a psychiatrist about unresolved emotional issues that cause your body to react with premature ejaculation during sex. If need be, you may consult a psychiatrist, Fertility Specialist and Andrologists on mfine app about unresolved emotional issues and health problems that cause your body to react with premature ejaculation during sex.

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