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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Being Healthy while Travelling

Samya Ghosal

Avid travellers should take their health into consideration and prepare accordingly.

The risk of falling sick increases when you are travelling. This is especially true while travelling overseas. Travel-related illnesses are usually minor, but there are regions where serious infectious diseases are endemic. All avid travellers should take their health into consideration and prepare accordingly.

We have put together a list of tips and strategies that you can follow to prepare for medical issues while travelling —

  • Research your destination- It is very important to do your research about the destination before you get there. Some of the various things to look for are sanitation, the prevalence of water, climatic conditions, food, and insect-borne illnesses. Browse the internet and social media for the latest information regarding the place.
  • Boost your immune system- Consuming citrus fruits, garlic, yogurt, almonds, and green tea helps in boosting the immunity. This can keep you healthy and fit while travelling. Foods containing antioxidants help with inflammations, muscle aches, and recovery.
  • Vaccination and medicines- When travelling overseas, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider and know about the vaccinations that are prescribed for the given region. Diseases like typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B among others have vaccinations against them and it is especially important to get vaccinated when travelling to Africa, Southeast Asia, or Central America. Likewise, your doctor can prescribe certain medications as a precaution before travelling.
  • Organize a medical kit- One of the most vital steps of ensuring safe and hassle-free travel is to carry certain emergency medications and first aid. You can consult with your doctor and get prescriptions for common medicines such as those for fever, stomach problems, cold and flu among others.
  • Avoid street food- While street cuisine might be an attraction for you, it is best to avoid them altogether. Food should be consumed from hygienic restaurants as they take precautions to prevent contamination of the food and water that they use.
  • Take special care of the elderly- For the elderly travellers, it is very important that they get a check-up done by a doctor and ensure proper health and fitness for travel. A spare pair of glasses should be packed along with all relevant medications. It is also important to ensure proper travel insurance with a pre-existing illness coverage and emergency evacuation.
  • Be wary of climate and mosquitoes- You should pack clothes according to the climate of your destination. Be very careful when going to hot and tropical places as heat strokes are very common in such regions. Make sure that you cover up your body to evade mosquitoes. Insect repellents don’t often work and covering yourself in light clothing from head to toe in hot regions can make all the difference.

While travelling it is important to research and plan, in advance. Make sure that you constantly stay hydrated and follow the above-mentioned steps. Irrespective of all the preparation and planning, if you do fall sick, contact a doctor for the necessary treatment. Or simply log on to the mfine app, no matter where you are and get access to top quality doctors the minute you need them.

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