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Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water: Myths vs Facts

  • Dr.Sreelekha Daruvuri Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri
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Water constitutes 60% of the body which makes it an essential component of the human body. Water is essential for many metabolic functions and is also a main constituent of blood and other body fluids. Drinking water whether it is hot or cold keeps us hydrated. But are there any extra benefits of drinking hot water? Does the temperature of the water we drink affect your health in any way?

Why is it important to keep your body hydrated?

The human body is made up of millions of cells. Cells have a fluid environment inside and outside them in which all the metabolic activities take place. Also, there is a continuous water exchange between these two compartments to maintain pH and metabolic activities. Water is lost in the form of urine and sweat which is important to flush out metabolic wastes of the body – In simple words, toxins are flushed out of the body. Besides these, water also forms a base for most of the body secretions. Any change in the water percentage of the body, will change the pH and subsequently metabolism of the body.

What are the benefits of drinking hot water?

– Water whether it is lukewarm or at normal temperature hydrates the body
– There are a few studies that found that hot water can increase the movement of the intestine and relieve spasms. This way it can help with constipation.
– The steam from the hot water helps in relieving sinus congestion and opening the air passages. 

Whether we consume chilled water or very hot water, once it enters the blood vessels the temperature is brought to the body’s temperature so it is still ambiguous if drinking hot water can help with weight loss or flushing out toxins, or improve the immune system. There is no proper research on the benefits of drinking hot water. 

If you have a habit of drinking hot water early in the morning, then continue doing so as keeping yourself hydrated is more important. But it’s important to be careful not to drink water that is above 60-70 degrees celsius as that may cause scalds. The benefits of drinking hot water are still questionable and they are not the treatment for any ailment. If you have any symptoms of constipation or are unable to lose weight, consult a specialist on MFine to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Dr.Sreelekha Daruvuri
  • Written by

    Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri

Dr. Sreelekha Daruvuri, MBBS with 5+ yrs of experience working as a Primary care Physician on MFine. She initially worked with corporate hospitals and then as a resident in JIPMER for 2 years. She believes in a holistic approach to health care. She is also a public speaker, a blog writer and holds an interest in spreading awareness on health through digital media.

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benefits of hot water

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Check out these videos

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