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What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Samya Ghosal

Your nails can reveal a lot about your overall health.

Nails are just dead cells covering our fingertips, right? You only need to trim them or paint to keep them aesthetically acceptable. But have you ever thought about your nail health? Have you ever looked at your nail and wondered about why the colour looks different or questioned the presence of any colouration or spots? 

If you have the following nail types, then there’s a chance that you might have a problem and may need to consult with a doctor

Very pale nails

Pale nails are most often a sure shot sign of malnutrition. Someone who has a very poor diet may end up with pale nails. It can also indicate more systemic issues such as liver and heart problems and anemia. Anemia can also come up as very flat or concave-shaped nails. 

White nails

Completely white nails with dark rims are indicative of liver problems like hepatitis. One will also find jaundice happening with such white nails. 

Yellow nails

Nails with yellow colouration are usually a sign of infection. Fungal infections can cause yellow nails which will lead to nail thickening, breaking-off or retracting. Yellow nails can also be caused by jaundice which would indicate a problem with the liver

Bluish nails

Bluish tinge in nails can indicate a problem with the lungs as this happens only when the body doesn’t get enough oxygen. 

Nails with ripples

Nails with small pits and ripples can be an early sign of psoriasis and inflammatory arthritis. This can also result in nail discolouration and the skin under the nail turning reddish-brown.

Puffed up nail folds

If the skin around the nail is swollen this it can be indicative of lupus or some other type of connective tissue problems. An infection can also cause the skin to red swollen and red. 

Dark lines beneath nails

Dark lines beneath nails should be immediately brought to medical attention. This can sometimes be caused by melanoma which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Healthy nails are smooth and have no discolouration. While nail health are only a part of a diagnosis, if you ever notice something wrong or different with the texture and colour of your nails, you should take it as a signal about your health and be more cautious.

If you face other symptoms of the conditions mentioned above along with changes in nails, then you should definitely consult with a doctor. Download the mfine app and consult the best specialists near you.

How do your nails look? Let us know in the comments below.

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My foot nails look like blackish Colour hand nails are ok

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