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Learn more about Urethritis and Urethral syndrome and stop unwanted urine infections.


A condition which affects the urethra.
Urethritis effects nearly 4 million Americans each year. [1]
- Urethritis is generally caused by certain bacteria which enter the urethra from the urethra’s surrounding skin.
- Allergies can also cause urethritis.
- This condition is also referred to as symptomatic bacteriuria as it has many similarities with urethritis.
- Urethritis is usually caused by bacteria, but often the causes of the urethral syndrome are unknown.

Urethral syndrome and urethritis are more common in females as they have a shorter urethra than males. The urethral syndrome has numerous causes like abnormal narrowing and urethral irritation. Scented products like bath salts, perfumes can cause urethra irritation.
Ages affected: People of all ages are affected although females have a greater chance of developing this infection.


Burning sensation while peeing, an itching sensation near the urethra, semen containing blood are some of the symptoms of urethritis in men. In females, abnormal vaginal discharge is a common symptom. Lower abdominal pain, frequent urination, blood in the urine are some of the symptoms of the urethral syndrome.
People may experience
Pain during sex, pain in the genitals, swelling of the testicles, discharge from the penis (in men).


Urethritis can be treated by doing a course of antibiotics while in the case of urethral syndrome the doctors prescribed different medications.
Medications: Antibiotics and anesthetics.
Specialists: Consult a physician if you see any symptoms. At mfine, you can learn more about this condition and find a doctor in no time.

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