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Right Ureteric Stone: Causes and Treatment


Right Ureteric Stone is a health condition where mass forms due to crystallization of stagnated urine in the kidney and causes extreme pain.

About 11 percent of men and 6 percent of women in the United States have kidney stones at least once during their lifetime.

- Requires proper treatment by experts
- Can be removed naturally by drinking more water
- Can be diagnosed on X-Ray
- Pain medication recommended

Ureteric stones are not necessarily formed in the ureter; it might have travelled from the kidney to the ureter. Ureteric stones are formed when our body has a more amount of minerals and a lesser amount of fluids. They cause severe pain from the loin into the groin areas. The severity is intense because of the contraction of a smooth muscle in the wall of the ureter.
Ages affected- Any age. From infants to teen girls to 30+ men and women


Medical diagnosis
Pain in the kidney or abdomen or groin which needs to be diagnosed by the doctor. Procedure includes X-Ray and some urine tests.

People may experience
Pain areas: Abdomen, Kidney, Groin
Urine discharge: The body tries its best to remove the stone out of the body, so the urine might appear pink due to blood in it and might cause burning during peeing.


Self-care: For ureteric stone to go naturally and if it not big in size, drink 4 quarts of water a day.

Medications: tamsulosin (typically 0.4 mg daily) or nifedipine (typically 30 mg daily) in order to speed up the stone passage and avoid surgery.

Specialists: Surgery is required in case of urine blockage, growing infection or pain. There are new endoscopic ways of eliminating ureteric stones too now.
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