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What is an overactive bladder?


This condition is characterized by a sudden, uncontrollable need to urinate, where the patient may not be able to control urination.
The estimated prevalence of overactive bladder ranges from 3-43%. [1]
- This condition develops when bladder muscles start to contract involuntarily, creating a strong and urgent need to urinate
- Patient may experience involuntary loss of urine
- May last for 5 months or more
- Medical consultation may be required if it does not resolve within a few weeks.
- Doctor may prescribe a urodynamic test and sonography to assess bladder function.
- Patients with neurological issues, diabetes, urinary tract infection, excess caffeine & alcohol consumption, bladder abnormalities, and those on certain medicines may develop overactive bladder
It is more commonly observed in women than in men and is most commonly seen in elderly individuals due to the normal aging process.


This is a self-diagnosable condition wherein the patient will be able to identify abnormally urgent urination urge.
Patient may experience:
The patient may feel like urinating 8 or more times within a 24-hour span. This frequency may go up during night time, causing sleep disturbance that results in lower work productivity.


Healthy lifestyle habits including a regular balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, no smoking, and limited use of caffeine and alcohol are important to prevent and manage overactive bladder. Moreover, bladder-holding exercises, pelvic floor muscle exercise, intermittent catheterization, and bladder training are effective, first-line treatment approaches.

The doctor may prescribe antimuscarinic drugs to relieve your symptoms.

In case you experience the symptoms of overactive bladder, get in touch with a urologist to enable timely diagnosis and management. Consult the competent team at mfine to ensure discrete, accurate, and effective consultation and treatment.

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