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All you need to know about Enlarged Prostate with Bladder Diverticulum


Enlarged Prostate - A common urological condition caused due to the enlargement of prostate gland in males.

Bladder Diverticulum - Formation of an outward bulge through a defect in the bladder’s muscular layer.

Around 70% of men above 60 years of age suffer from an enlarged prostate. (1)

- Diagnosable
- Treatable
- Bladder Diverticulum is linked to kidney stones and urinary tract infection
- It is of two types - congenital and acquired

The above medical conditions are associated with each other. Enlargement of prostate causes a prostatic blockage. This creates hypertrophy in the bladder and ultimately results in bladder diverticulum.


Diagnosis - Cystoscopy and Ultrasound tests are used to detect both conditions.

Difficulty in micturition

Recurring urinary tract infections

Reduced urine flow


Self-care: The urge for urination should never be held back. Keeping warm, having a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids also prove to be beneficial.

Medicines: Alpha-blockers are used. They pass through the prostate gland, and relax the smooth-muscles in the prostate and the outlet pipe. It ultimately improves urinary flow

TURP: The operation uses an instrument called resectoscope, which is inserted through the tip of the penis reaching the urethra. Then, it is used to remove every excess part of prostate that blocks the urine flow.
Diverticulectomy: This operation removes the diverticula.
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