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Experiencing Pain While Passing Urine? You Might Have a Bladder Neck Obstruction


A bladder neck obstruction is a medical condition wherein the bladder neck doesn’t open properly while passing urine, leading to decelerated or ceased urine flow out of the bladder.
Bladder neck is predominantly observed in males between 60 and 70 years old. [4]

- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Lab tests or imaging often required
- Can occur in both genders
- Medium-term: symptoms subside within months if immediate
treatment is sought
- Isn’t contagious – doesn’t spread among people
Although this disease is mostly seen in senile men, it can occur in members of both sexes at any age. If treatment is delayed, this disease may bring about several complications including kidney damage, prolonged incontinence, infections in the urinary tract, etc.
Ages affected – Between 0 and 20: Rare; Between 20 and 55: Less often; 55 and above: Predominant.


Requires medical diagnosis
Symptoms include unfinished emptying of the bladder, surged urinary frequency and urgency, pelvic pain, and so on.
People may experience
Urinary problems – incomplete emptying of the bladder, incapacity to
suppress the urge to urinate
Pelvic pain
Also common – Nocturia, etc.


To prevent ailments related to the bladder or kidney, drink lots of water. If symptoms appear, one should consult a urologist at the earliest.

Alpha-blocker drug therapy is the most common medication chosen by doctors. If symptoms persist, medical treatment or surgery is the best option to be sought.

If symptoms are observed, we advise the patient to visit and seek the help of urologists at mfine (www.mfine.co).

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