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Zinc serum test is used to analyze the amount of zinc present in the blood.

What is Zinc serum test?

Zinc serum test is a diagnostic test used to evaluate the deficiency of zinc in blood. Zinc serum test is used to identify the related disorders that are caused due to zinc deficiency. Zinc serum test is a simple test that involves collecting blood from the patient. [1]

Why is Zinc serum test suggested?

Zinc serum test is suggested if the following symptoms are found to occur

  • Delay in growth.
  • Impaired wound healing.
  • Impaired testosterone production. [3]

How is Zinc serum test performed?

Zinc serum test is carried out in a medical laboratory.

  • An elastic band is wrapped around the arm to make the vein swell with blood.
  • Blood is drawn from a vein in the elbow until the tube becomes full.
  • The area is pressurized with cotton to prevent bleeding.

The blood obtained from Zinc serum test is sent for analysis through spectroscopy. [3]

What are the parameters measured in the Zinc serum test?

Zinc serum test is used to measure the level of zinc in blood. [2]

Preparation before performing Zinc serum test

No major preparation is needed before Zinc serum test.

  • Avoid alcohol and any other medication 24 hours before performing the Zinc serum test.
  • Fasting may be required.

Post-care after Zinc serum test

You can resume your normal activities after Zinc serum test.

  • Contact your doctor if you have prolonged pain or infection at the injected site after Zinc serum test.

Sample types in Zinc serum test

A blood sample is used in Zinc serum test

  • A urine sample may also be required for Zinc serum test in rare cases. [2]

Side-effects of Zinc serum test

No major side-effects are involved in Zinc serum test.

  • Mild pain at the time of drawing of blood.
  • A temporary throbbing in the injected site. [2]

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