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Overview Brief

Towne view is used to better visualize the human skull from an angle. It has better sensitivity to detect skull fractures.

What Is Towne View X-Ray?

Towne View X-Ray is an angled Anteroposterior radiograph of the skull, used to evaluate fractures of the skull and abnormal tissue changes like tumors. Towne’s View is also known as Anteroposterior(AP) Axial projection of the skull. This projection is used to visualize the hard petrous part of the pyramids, the dorsum sellae and posterior clinoid processes, which are visible in the shadow of the foramen magnum connecting the base of the skull(cranium) to the spinal canal. The Towne view allows better frontal evaluation of the posterior fossa region than standard non-angled frontal skull X-Rays.

How Is Towne View X-Ray Performed?

Towne View Skull X-Ray is usually performed in a supine position as follows:

  • All metal or plastic removable objects from the patient’s head are removed.
  • The patient is made to lie down on an examination table below the X-Ray projector.
  • Patient’s head is placed above the image receptor perpendicular to the infraorbitomeatal line.
  • Radiolucent support like a black sponge can be used to keep the patient’s head in position.
  • Both shoulders of the patient should lie in the same horizontal plane, arms comfortably placed.
  • Chin is depressed and held still by momentarily suspending respiration for better image quality.

This X-Ray can be performed in an erect seated position if the patient is unable to lie down.

Side Effects/Risks Of Towne View X-Ray

Risks associated with Towne View Skull X-Ray include:

  • Radiation exposure for those undergoing X-Ray procedures regularly.
  • Exposure to X-Rays for pregnant women or those likely to be pregnant.

Preparation Before Performing Towne View X-Ray

No special preparation is necessary before performing Towne View X-Ray except removing jewelry and ornaments near the skull and neck area.

Post-Care After Towne View X-Ray

Towne View X-Ray is a painless process and you will not feel any sensation as the radiation passes through your skull.

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