X – Ray Styloid Processes AP View

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Overview Brief

X-ray scanning is performed using invisible electromagnetic energy beams creating images of the bones and surrounding soft tissues.

What is X-Ray Styloid Processes AP View?

X-rays of the extremities are needed to evaluate bones for injury. X-rays can detect infection, arthritis, tendinitis, bone spurs, tumors, etc. X-rays can find and destroy cancerous tumors. Anteroposterior (AP) X-rays are when facing the X-ray machine [1]. This test is used to detect pointed bone below the ear, deformities, or fracture [2].

How is X-Ray Styloid Processes AP View performed?

The patient is required to follow these steps:

  • There should not be any movement, due to the sensitivity of the machine.
  • The patient should breathe out and hold while X-ray scanning is performed.

Weight-bearing X-rays may provide details on how soft tissues, bones, and joints perform together under load.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Styloid Processes AP View

Some of the X-ray radiation is absorbed by the tissues. X-ray radiation during pregnancy may lead to birth defects [3].

  • The chances of developing cancer in later stages of life increase slightly due to X-ray radiation.
  • High levels of radiation lead to developing cataracts and burns on the skin.
  • Women are at higher risk than men to develop cancer at later stages, due to the same dose at the same age as of men.

Prolonged use of X-ray scanning radiation is to be consulted with the doctor.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Styloid Processes AP View

The doctor should be informed of any pre-existing conditions and any implants that might interfere with the scan. The doctor could be requested if a lead apron or a faster speed film could be used to reduce radiation exposure.


Post-care after X-Ray Styloid Processes AP View

No specific steps are necessary after the X-ray testing and you can resume your normal activity [4].

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