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Overview Brief

Rt Submandibular -Occlusal X-Ray is used to check the functioning of the salivary gland.

What is Rt Submandibular -Occlusal X-Ray?

An X-Ray projection salivary gland is done. It is also called a sialogram. It is extremely helpful to allow doctors to diagnose blocked salivary glands of any injury caused to the chin. [1]

Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray is often done to aid the diagnosis of symptoms of salivary gland cancer.

How is Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray performed? 

An Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray is performed in a room with a mobile X-ray camera attached to a long metal arm.

Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray is performed by an X-Ray machine. [2]

The patient is prepared as follows:

  • The patient is given a disinfectant mouthwash.
  • The Patient is made to lay down on the table and open their mouth very wide.
  • Sedatives may be given to the patient for the discomfort caused.

Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray takes about 10-15 minutes post which, the technician examines the X-Ray projections to give a conclusive diagnosis.

Side effects/risks of Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray

Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray has minimal risk of causing cancer and other radiation-related side effects. Children may be more susceptible to the effects of radiation.

Preparation before performing Rt Submandibular -Occlusal X-Ray

No extensive preparation is required before getting Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray.

However, some important points to keep in mind are [2]:

  • Inform the technician of a contrast or iodine allergy or of any prescription medication.
  • Remove all jewelry and metal objects so that they do not appear on the X-Ray.
  • Inform the technician of any metal implants so that it can be taken into consideration while viewing the X-Ray.
  • It is advisable for pregnant women to not undergo X-Ray procedures.

It is advisable to reach the test centre in advance to prepare better.

Post-care after Rt Submandibular-Occlusal X-Ray

Patients may carry on with their daily routines after the X-Ray is done. Give yourself enough time to recover from the effects of any sedative that may have been administered.

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