X – Ray Right Hip Frog View

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Overview Brief

An X – Ray Right Hip Frog View involves bilateral examination of the hip that allows improved visualization of the hip joints and femoral neck.

What is X – Ray Right Hip Frog View?

During the X – Ray Right Hip Frog View, the hip is abducted (about 45°) with the right knee in a bent position angled at 30-45°. The various techniques used for lateral imaging of the pelvic region includes the axiolateral image, frog-leg lateral image, and Lauenstein image.

A hip X-ray helps find

  • Cause of limping, pain, tenderness, and swelling.
  • Detection of broken bones or dislocated joint, cysts, tumors, and infection of hip joint.

How is X – Ray Right Hip Frog View performed?

X – Ray Right Hip Frog View is performed either in hospital’s radiology department or at a clinic that specializes in diagnostic procedures. The process is a quick one and it involves:

  • The patient is asked to change into a gown.
  • Then, the patient is asked to lie down on an examination table, facing up (supine position).
  • The technologist moves a large camera connected to a steel rim over the waist and hips. A film inside the table captures the X-ray images of pelvic region as the camera moves overhead.
  • The technologist asks the patients to place the knees apart and feet together, forming a “frog” position.
  • Overall, the entire process takes approximately 20 minutes, depending upon the number of images required.

Side effects/risks of X – Ray Right Hip Frog View

X – Ray Right Hip Frog View involves exposure of the body to radiation – too much of which may be harmful for the body. This test is not a time-consuming process, and hence, there are no side effects. However, patients with particular conditions are advised to follow some precaution.

  • Pediatric patients are shielded to reduce radiation exposure.
  • Pregnant ladies are advised to inform the radiologist before the test.
  • Exposure to high radiations may lead to vomiting, bleeding, fainting, loss of hair, etc.
  • In rare cases, it may increase the risk of cancer.
  • Patients with a fractured bone may experience an increase in pain after an X-ray.

Preparation before performing X – Ray Right Hip Frog View

X-Ray Right Hip Frog View does not require many preparations. Steps to be followed before the procedure:

  • Remove all metallic accessories from the body.
  • Tell the doctor about metal implants in the body, if any.
  • The patient is asked to wear a hospital gown to prevent distortion in the images.
  • Patients may be required to take some pain medication if the pain in the hip becomes intolerable.

Post care after X-Ray Right Hip Frog View

In most of the cases, X-Ray Right Hip Frog View does not cause any serious implications. Hence, patients can resume their normal activities right away. Once the test is completed, the patients are asked to change to their clothes. The radiologist or physician reviews the report and directs the course of action accordingly.

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