X – Ray Right Heel LAT View

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Overview Brief

A Right Heel LAT View X – Ray is suggested by doctors in case of any discomfort, pain, and injury, or for post-surgery examination of the heel. The heel (calcaneus) X-ray lateral view is part of two-view calcaneus series, and this projection is used to assess different areas of the heel.

What is X – Ray Right Heel LAT View?

In an X – Ray Right Heel LAT View, X-rays are passed through the right heel that enables side-to-side view, which is called the lateral (LAT) view. This particular view requires the right foot to be kept at different positions, facilitating complete examination, which is performed for a variety of indications, including inflammation in right foot joint and arthritis. X-ray right heel LAT view is non-invasive test that is used to obtain clear X-ray images of the right heel.

How is X – Ray Right Heel LAT View performed?

X – Ray Right Heel LAT view is a painless and quick process. The procedures performed during the test are as follows:

  • The patient is asked to change into hospital gown, if necessary.
  • For LAT view, the patient is asked to lie in lateral recumbent (sideways: right side with the left thigh and knee drawn up). The lateral ankle joint and knee should be in contact with the examination table. The foot is dorsiflexed.
  • If patient’s ankle cannot be dorsiflexed to place it perpendicular to the radiation, then a support is used to obtain the required position.
  • A beam of X-ray is passed through the right heel, and the patient is asked to change positions to obtain multiple images.
  • The whole examination procedure takes 10-20 minutes.

Side effects/risks of X – Ray Right Heel LAT View

Although X – Ray Right Heel LAT View is a process that lasts only for a few minutes, studies have shown that excessive exposure to radiation may lead to an increased risk of cancer.

  • Rarely, exposure to X-rays may lead to nausea, vomiting, bleeding, hair loss, etc.
  • Pregnant ladies are advised to consult their physician prior to an X-ray test.
  • Patients with open wounds are advised to be careful as exposure to X-ray may lead to increased risk of infection.
  • Patients with a fractured bone may experience an increase in pain after the test.

Preparation before performing X – Ray Right Heel LAT view

An X – Ray Right Heel LAT View does not require additional preparation, but some patients may be required to take some pain medication if pain in the right foot becomes intolerable. There are no food restrictions. The following should be noted:

  • Inform the doctor if pregnant.
  • Consult a doctor before an X-ray test if the patient has metal implants in the body.
  • Remove metal accessories before the test to avoid interference with the X-rays.

Post care after X – Ray Right Heel LAT view

There are no particular post care measures to be followed after an X – Ray Right Heel LAT view

test. However, it is essential to visit the doctor if the patient experiences any discomfort, including vomiting or bleeding.

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