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The X-ray of the right hand is useful to analyse the defects in the hand due to various reasons by employing the X-rays in producing an image.

The X-ray can assess the defects using the anteroposterior oblique view of the right hand. It helps to determine the structure of the finger bones and the tissues. The X-ray of the right-hand aids to verify the cause of the pain in the right hand. It checks for many disorders of the right hand such as arthritis, wrist problems, and fractures. It is also a convenient method to study the anatomy of the hands. X-ray diagnosis is a simple, efficient, and a painless method to view the internal structure right hand.

The X-ray of the right hand is very simple to perform.

  • The patient sits alongside a table and places his right hand on the table.
  • Direct the X-ray beam towards the right hand of the patient.
  • The hand remains in a still position while taking the images.
  • Change the position of the hand accordingly, to procure images from different angles.
  • The overall time taken to complete the scan is 15 minutes.

Risks associated with the X-ray imaging technique are:

  • Prolonged exposure of the X-rays leads to cancer.
  • X-rays may cause birth defects in the developing foetus.

Preparation before the test are:

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Avoid the test during pregnancy.
  • Removes jewellery and accessories like watches, bracelets, etc.
  • Inform the doctor of certain metal implants in the body.

The patient can perform the following steps as a part of post-care treatment:

  • Follow the instructions given by the radiologist carefully.
  • The patient can resume his normal activities after the scan.

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