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X-ray of the forearm can detect various disorders in the forearm of a person using a small quantity of the X-ray beams.

X-ray imaging method produces black and white images of the internal structures of the forearm. This method specialises in detecting the cause of the pain in the forearm or inflammation in the tissues. It is helpful to determine the fractures in the bone, diseases, the presence of tumours, or cysts in the forearm. Prior to surgery, the doctor advises a patient to undergo an X-ray to evaluate the internal structure accordingly. The radiologist assesses the forearm in two ways, the anteroposterior view (front to back) and the lateral view (side view). The X-ray imaging method is a painless and efficient procedure for diagnosing the forearm.

The steps followed in an X-ray scan are very simple and easy.

  • Make the patient sit beside a table and keep the forearm of the patient on the table.
  • To avoid the blurring of the images, keep the arm in a still position.
  • Direct X-rays towards the forearm of the patient and obtain images on a computer.
  • Change the position of the arm to acquire images from different angles.
  • The total scanning time is usually 15 minutes.

There are certain risks due to the involvement of the X-rays.

  • X-rays may cause cancer after prolonged exposure to the beams.
  • X-rays affect the developing foetus.

Preparations prior to the test are:

  • There is no special preparation required for an X-ray of the forearm.
  • Remove any jewellery or accessories from the body.
  • Remove metal implants from the body.
  • Pregnant women should inform the radiologist before the test.

Post- care treatment includes:

  • Follow the instructions given by the radiologist carefully.
  • Resume normal activities as usual.

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