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In order to identify the cause of the problems occurring in the foot, a radiologist carries out an X-ray of the foot in various positions to obtain the image of the interior parts of the foot.

The view from an oblique position is one of the common positions to obtain an X-ray of the foot. It is helpful to examine the interspaces between the bones and the metatarsals [1]. The doctor generally advises undergoing an X-ray when the patient suffers from an accident in order to examine for the fractures in the foot. It helps in knowing the cause of unexplained pain or inflammation of the tissues in the foot. If a person experiences severe pain in the foot while walking, then he should not delay in getting an X-ray of the foot because the pain might be a consequence of fractured bones. X-ray is a common technique of analysis in an easy and non-invasive way.

The steps to follow in an X-ray are simple to perform.

  • Keep the right foot of the patient in an oblique or slant position on the scanning platform.
  • Direct the X-rays towards the patient’s foot.
  • The X-rays will produce an image on the computer.
  • Change the direction of the foot and direct X-rays to obtain a picture from a different angle.

The patient is required to remain in a still position while the computer takes the image.

Risks involved with X-ray imaging are:

  • Prolonged exposure to X-rays may cause cancer.
  • It may affect the foetus in the womb.
  • Mild pain in the foot due to keeping it in a still position for a long time.

The preparations prior to the X-ray are:

  • Remove any jewellery and accessory from the body.
  • Wear loose clothes.
  • Remove any metal implants present in the body.
  • Do not undergo the test during pregnancy.

After the test, post-care treatment is as follows:

  • Follow the advice of the radiologist accordingly.
  • Resume normal activities.

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