X – Ray PNS Lateral view

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X-Ray PNS Lateral view

The Lateral view X-Ray of Paranasal sinus is the radiology used to study the sinuses of a patient.

What is X-Ray PNS Lateral view?

The radiology of the paranasal sinuses is performed to view the blockage and growth of mucus as seen laterally.

This method provides an overview of the skull. The focus lies on the anterior and posterior extent of the sphenoid bone located in the middle of the skull. It also emphasizes on maxillary sinuses located near the nose. Ethmoid sinuses too can be examined through this view.

This radiology uses a horizontal beam to establish images of the sinus.

How is X-Ray PNS Lateral view performed?

The process of lateral view X-Ray is slightly different from other X-rays. It requires:

  • The midline of the patient’s head to be parallel to the image detector.
  • The images will be captured by the machine beside your head.
  • The patient will be asked to suspend breathing.
  • The same procedure will be repeated with the back of the head.

This radiology does not take more than 15 minutes.

Side effects/risks of X – Ray PNS Lateral view

There are not many side effects involved with this radiology. Some include:

  • Exposure to radiation maybe harmful for some patients.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.

Preparations before performing X – Ray PNS Lateral view

Before going in for this radiology, you must:

  • Remove any metal object from your body including jewellery and hairpins.
  • Change into a comfortable dress or gown.

Post-care after X-Ray PNS Lateral view

As this is not a hectic radiology technique, it does not require any post-care regime to be followed by the patients. Once the radiologist has got the images of your sinuses, you are free to go.

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