X – Ray Pelvis AP View

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X – Ray Pelvis AP View

A pelvic X-Ray helps in finding out the possible cause of pain or swelling in the pelvic region.

What is X-Ray Pelvis AP View?

An X-Ray of the pelvic region is a radiological method used that uses a little amount of radiation.

The X-Ray takes pictures of the pelvic bones surrounding the hip area. The image is projected on a special film or computer. The two hip bones along with the sacrum and the coccyx (tailbone) are also projected. It is also helpful in detecting broken bones after injury.

This process involves the Anteroposterior view, that is, from front to back.

How is X-Ray Pelvis AP View Performed?

This method of radiology involves the following processes:

  • You will have to lie on a table facing upwards.
  • The X-ray machine hanging from the ceiling or the wall will click the images.
  • You may be given an apron to shield some of your body parts from the radiation.
  • You will be asked to sit still and stop your breath for a few seconds.

This process may take about 10 minutes or longer to finish.

Side effects/risks Associated with  X-Ray Pelvis AP View

Some minor effects of the radiology include:

  • An occurrence of nausea, irritation or itching in case you have been injected with a dye.
  • Not considered safe for pregnant women.

Preparations Before Performing X-Ray Pelvis AP View

Before going in for this radiology, you will be required to:

  • Wear comfortable clothes or change into the hospital gown.
  • Asked to remove jewellery or any metallic object from your body.
  • Inform the doctors of any metal implants in the body.

Care after X-Ray Pelvis AP View

This method does not need any follow up or any particular care after the test. You will be free to leave once the radiologist has obtained all the necessary images.

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