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The X-ray orbits PA view is a particular diagnostic way of viewing the structures surrounding the eyes.1

What is X-ray Orbits PA View?

X-ray orbits PA view is an X-ray of the two eyes sockets. The eye sockets are cone-shaped bone structures that contain and protect the eyes. Fatty tissue lines cushion these eyeballs. These orbits are very delicate and prone to fractures. X-ray orbits PA view is for detecting these fractures. 2

How is X-ray Orbits PA View Performed?

X-ray orbits PA view is performed in the following way:

  • The X-ray can be taken with the patient either sitting up or lying down.
  • It is performed in Postero-Anterior (PA) position, that is, the patient faces the receiver and away from the source of the X-ray.
  • The patient rests his or her chin on the image receiver, so that the head is tilted upwards, providing a clear view of the orbits.
  • X-ray Orbits PA view usually requires only one view, but sometimes two views can be required to detect the presence of metallic fragments.

Side Effects/Risks of X-ray Orbits PA View

The risks of X-ray orbits PA view can include the following:

  • X-rays can cause harm to pregnant women and they should not get this X-ray done unless absolutely necessary.
  • As a precaution, the X-ray technician must use protective shielding for women and children.

Preparation before Performing X-Ray Orbits PA View

There are no special dietary preparations necessary before going for X-Ray Orbits PA view. However, the patients should:

  • Remove dentures.
  • Remove jewellery.
  • Remove any other metal object that may interfere in providing a detailed image.

Care after X-Ray Orbits PA View

No particular care is necessary after performing X-ray orbits PA view.

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