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Overview Brief

X-Ray Left Heel LAT Views is the lateral projection (one of the 3 viewing series) that extensively examines the phalanges, metatarsals as well as the tarsal bones that make up a foot. In addition, it also examines the talocrural joint.

What is X-Ray Left Heel LAT Views?

The X-Ray radiation creates lateral views to generate images of the foot to help the doctor diagnose the ailment.

It is used to examine:

● Stress fractures.
● Osteoarthritis.
● Structural deformities.
● Rheumatoid arthritis.
● Seronegative arthritides.
● Ailments related to the bones of the foot and ankle.

The Left Heel LAT Views X-rays aren’t particularly good for diagnosing heel spurs because they have less to do with foot than the bone.

How is X-Ray Left Heel LAT Views performed?

The Left Heel LAT Views X-Ray is done by an X-Ray machine by placing the foot in various positions. The complete X-Ray takes 5-10 about minutes only. If the doctor suspects the results of an x-ray are open to doubt, probably other imaging modalities like MRI’s and CT-scans to assist in additional diagnoses.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Left Heel LAT Views

The quantity of radiation generated throughout a foot x-ray is unlikely to cause any harm. However, the radiation might be harmful to a fetus under development.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Left Heel LAT Views

The X-Ray for the left heel is uncomplicated, and some preparative measures beforehand are:

  • Get rid of any jewelry on the body.
  • Remain still during the X-Ray
  • Ask any questions bothering you

Patients are advised to reach the test centre in advance to prepare better.

Post-care after X-Ray Left Heel LAT Views

Patients may carry on with their regular chores after the X-Ray is completed. In case the area of concern leads to pain, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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