X – Ray Left Hand AP LAT

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X-ray Left Hand AP LAT is an imaging procedure. X-rays are used to detect injuries and fractures in the left hand, fingers, and the wrist.

What is X-ray Left Hand AP LAT?

The X-ray of the left hand is a standard imaging procedure that is used to detect injuries in the left hand and the wrist. In the anterior-posterior (AP) image, the arm is rotated internally, with the dorsal side of the thumb flat on the X-ray plate. In X-ray Left Hand AP LAT, the other fingers are abducted to ulnar (bone in the forearm) and an attempt is made to get the outside of the thumb as flat as possible on the X-ray plate. The X-ray beams approach the hand in the palmar to dorsal direction. X-ray imaging is based on the principle that different parts of the body absorb electromagnetic waves differently and hence help doctors in detecting abnormalities.

How is X-ray Left Hand AP  LAT performed?

The procedure of X-ray Left Hand AP LAT is as follows:

  • The patient sits by a table.
  • The arm is flexed at 90 degrees (if possible).
  • For AP LAT position, the left arm is placed with the palm facing upwards on the image receptor.
  • The other fingers are abducted to ulnar and an attempt is made to flatten the thumb as far as possible on the X-ray plate.
  • The shoulder, elbow, and wrist are all kept perpendicular to the central beam.
  • The hand and elbow should be near shoulder height.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Left Hand AP LAT

The risks of X-ray Left Hand are as follows:

  • Radiation exposure.
  • The radiation may be particularly unsafe for unborn babies.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Left Hand AP LAT

The preparation measures before X-ray Left Hand AP include the following:

  • The patient should inform the doctor in case of pregnancy.
  • The patient should remove all jewelry and accessories from the body before an X-ray scan.

Post-care after X-Ray Left Hand AP LAT

A patient may resume regular activities after X-ray Left Hand AP LAT.

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