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X-rays have been frequently employed for the diagnosis of various orthopedic injuries. This technique has now diversified into various sub-disciplines which enables a much better diagnosis.

What is X-Ray L S Spine AP View?

An X-Ray L S Spine AP View is a type of radiological imaging technique used to analyze pictures of the lumbosacral section of the vertebral column. The area of diagnosis includes the lumbar and sacral portions of the backbone. This technique gives high-resolution images of the concerned portion for diagnosis of defects like fractures, osteoarthritis, and abnormal posture. This has led to the emergence of this technique for diagnosing many orthopedic disorders of the lower vertebra.

How is X-Ray L S Spine AP View performed?

The X-Ray L S Spine AP View is performed as per the following procedure:

  • The patient is made to lie comfortably on a bed sliding into a tunnel-like chamber.
  • The X-Ray scanner is positioned around the patient for scanning and observing.
  • The technician controls the X-ray scanner from a room adjacent to the X-Ray chamber.

The procedure is marked completed once all the satisfactory images are obtained.

Side Effects/Risks of X-Ray L S Spine AP View

Since X-Ray L S Spine AP View is classified as a radiological scan, it carries few side effects.

  • As the patient is subjected to radiation. If the exposure time is elongated, mutations and tumors may develop as a consequence.
  • The backbone has to be kept straight but relaxed so that proper images may be obtained.

Preparation before performing X-Ray L S Spine AP View

Following precautions have to be carried before carrying the X-Ray L S Spine AP View procedure:

  • No metal parts should be attached to the body of the patient.
  • If there are internal implants involved like the hip joint screws, the patient should notify the doctor.

Post-Care after X-Ray L S Spine AP View

After the X-Ray L S Spine AP View is performed, the patient has to recover through the radiation exposure under the observations of radiologists.

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