X – Ray Dorsal Spine AP & LAT View

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Overview Brief

An X-ray of the dorsal spine helps a radiologist to visualize the middle section of the vertebral column. [1]

What is X-Ray Dorsal Spine AP and LAT View?

The analysis of the dorsal spine through X-rays produces details of the thoracic region of the spine. The thoracic region is composed of 12 bones. The X-rays help to form a picture on a film enclosing all the details concerning the parts. AP and LAT view is helpful to see the anteroposterior (front to back) and the lateral regions of the spine. This method is useful to determine fractures and dislocations in the bones. A doctor will recommend this to a patient who has suffered from an injury or accident to check for any internal damage.

How is X-Ray Dorsal Spine AP and LAT View performed?

  • The radiologist makes the patient lie down on the scanning table.
  • The patient is required to remain in a still position in order to get high image quality.
  • Lead clothing covers the parts that are not under the study.
  • A camera takes the picture of the spine.
  • The radiologist may change the position of the patient to obtain images from different angles.

The process lasts for 15 minutes. [2]

Side effects/Risks of X-Ray Dorsal Spine AP and LAT View

  • X-rays are highly dangerous and cause cancer if exposed frequently.
  • The X-rays may affect the developing foetus.
  • In some cases, a contrast material is also used which may lead to allergies.
  • Contrast material may also cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Dorsal Spine AP and LAT View

  • Remove any jewellery and accessories from the body.
  • Inform the doctor of certain medicine intakes.
  • Inform the doctor about pregnancy.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Post- care steps after X-Ray Dorsal Spine AP and LAT View:

  • Follow the instructions given by the radiologist.
  • Resume normal day-to-day activities without any worry.

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