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Chest radiographs are some of the most common X-rays scans conducted on a regular basis in hospitals and are useful in diagnosing chest conditions. X-ray Chest PA View is a type of chest radiograph.

What is X-Ray Chest PA View?

X-Ray Chest PA View is a diagnostic procedure that makes use of a limited amount of radiation to capture images of the chest structure and detect any disorders.

X-Ray Chest PA View captures chest images from the posterior-anterior (PA) view. It helps to visualize the chest structure and the collarbones as well as internal organs, such as the food pipe, lungs, and diaphragm. The procedure helps to diagnose fractures and bone inflammations as well as infections, ruptures, or birth defects in the organs.

How is X-Ray Chest PA View performed?

X-Ray Chest PA View is performed by a trained radiologist.

  • The patient wears a hospital gown and stands against a metal plate.
  • The X-rays pass through the chest and capture images.
  • The image is in black and white on a special film.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Chest PA View

The X-Ray Chest PA View carries a minor risk of illness from radiation exposure.

Preparations before performing X-Ray Chest PA View

The following preparative measures should be taken before X-Ray Chest PA View:

  • Women should inform the radiologist about a pregnancy.
  • Metallic objects, like jewelry, should be removed by the patient.

Post-care after X-Ray Chest PA View

No specific post-care is needed after X-Ray Chest PA View.

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