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Overview Brief

Left Oblique Chest X-Rays are one of the most commonly used clinical radiological investigations. They are used to confirm the presence & location of opacities on frontal X-Rays in the thorax.

What Is Left Oblique Chest X-Ray?

The Left Oblique Chest X-Ray is performed for a broad array of indications in the thoracic region. Occult pneumothorax can be identified with Oblique Chest X-Ray(OCXR) for suspected patients. This includes rib fracture, flail chest, chest pain, subcutaneous emphysema, abrasion or ecchymosis and moderate to severe hypoxia. Computerized Tomography(CT) is used when such Chest X-Rays aren’t adequate for diagnosis. Oblique Chest X-Rays can also be performed for trauma cases in emergency rooms or ICUs with mobile X-Ray devices.  

How Is Left Oblique Chest X-Ray Performed?

The procedure for Left Oblique Chest X-Ray is as follows:

  • The patient is made to change into a hospital gown, with radiopaque items like belts, zippers, and ornaments removed.
  • The patient is made to stand upright in front of the X-Ray device.
  • Patient’s arms are placed on the head or holding onto handles. Long hair should be worn up.
  • Left shoulder is placed slightly away from the image receptor.

This form of Chest X-Ray is usually performed in a supine position in emergency rooms with one hand raised up over the head. 

Side Effects/Risks Of Left Oblique Chest X-Ray

Risks associated with Oblique Chest X-Rays include:

  • Radiation exposure for those regularly undergoing X-Ray procedures.
  • Exposure of abdominal area to X-Rays for pregnant women or those likely to be pregnant.

Preparation Before Performing Left Oblique Chest X-Ray

Before undergoing Oblique Chest X-Ray you will need to:

  • Undress from the waist up and wear a hospital gown.
  • Remove jewelry and ornaments from the waist up.
  • Inform the radiologist about ferromagnetic implants like pacemakers in your thoracic region.

Post-Care After Left Oblique Chest X-Ray

Oblique Chest X-Rays are a painless process and you will not feel any sensation as the radiation passes through your body.

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