X – Ray Cervical Spine AP View

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Overview Brief

The AP view of the cervical spine is radiology performed to evaluate the injury involving head or/and neck.

What is X-Ray Cervical Spine AP View?

A Cervical spine X-ray is a painless method of radiology usually performed to take a look at the injuries of the head and neck. It is one of the 3 primary view techniques. It can clearly show the presence of a fracture after any traumatic injury. A small amount of radiation is used to take a picture of the bones behind the neck or cervical vertebrae. It is also useful in case of symptoms like persisting neck, upper back or shoulder pain, numbness or weakness.

This radiology can also detect dislocation of the joins between the vertebrae.

How is X-Ray Cervical Spine AP View performed?

The radiology of the Cervical Spine is performed in the following way:

  • Lie on a table facing upwards.
  • The radiologist will start taking pictures from the operating machine.
  • You will be repositioned for each different image.
  • You will have to hold your breath and not move for a few seconds.

This process of radiology does not take more than 15 minutes.

Side effects/risks of X-Ray Cervical Spine AP View

There are absolutely no side effects or risks involved in this process of radiology as the patient is not in direct contact with the radiation rays for more than a few seconds.

Preparation before performing X-Ray Cervical Spine AP View

The radiology of the Cervical Spine does not require much preparation; however, some general facts need to be stated:

  • You need to change into a comfortable cloth.
  • You should not be wearing any metal object.
  • In case you have a neck injury, you may be provided with a collar or brace to limit movement.

Post-care after X-Ray Cervical Spine AP View

There is no particular post-care regime to be followed after this set of radiology and you are free to go home after the necessary images have been obtained by the radiologist.

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