X – Ray Both TM Joints

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Overview Brief

X-ray both TM joints is an x-ray of both the TM joints (temporomandibular joint).

What is X-ray both TM joints?

X-ray both TM joints create images of the TM joints (the two joints which connects jawbone to the skull). X-ray both TM joints is performed to examine various TM disorders. X-ray both TM joints is done from different views and angles to get the complete picture of the TM joints.

How is X-ray both TM joints performed? 

Following is the procedure for the x-ray both TM joints:

  • You’ll be seated upright with the side of interest closest to the detector or the machine.
  • Images from different angles and directions will be taken to get the complete picture of both the joints. This will help in the proper diagnosis of the disease.

Side effects/risks of X-ray both TM joints performed

Following are risks associated with this test:

  • There is low radiation exposure in dental x-rays.
  • You should avoid this test during your pregnancy as it may lead to adverse pregnancy outcomes and affect the developing of the fetus.

Preparation before performing X-ray both TM joints

Keep the following things in mind before performing X-ray both TM joints:

  • There are no special preparations required for any type of dental x-ray. You should consult and ask your dentist for any kind of instructions. Your dentist will guide you on the basis of your medical history.
  • During the test, you’d have to wear a lead vest to avoid these harmful radiations from affecting other parts of the body.

Post-care after x-ray both TM joints

The aftercare instructions depend on the results. If you have any queries, you may book an appointment with our top specialists on mfine to discuss the treatment options.

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