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X-ray base of skull uses electromagnetic beams for imaging bones and tissues in the skull.

What is X-ray base of the skull?

X-ray base of skull helps to visualize the floor of the cranial cavity, which separates the brain from bones of the neck and face [1].

  • X-ray base of skull is a painless and non-invasive technique.
  • X-ray base of skull is advised after a skull injury or trauma.
  • It detects fractures, infections, tumors, or abnormalities in the skull base.
  • The image obtained depends upon the number of X-rays penetrating the body part, with bones appearing whiter.

In case the X-ray base of skull results appear inconclusive, newer imaging techniques like CT scan or MRI may be advised.

How is X-ray base of skull performed?

Depending upon the patient’s health, an X-ray base of the skull may be done as an outpatient or in the hospital setting.

  • The patient may sit in a chair or lie on the table.
  • The patient is positioned such that the skull lies between the X-ray machine and the film cassette.
  • A lead shield is provided to cover other body parts to reduce radiation exposure.
  • Patient must remain still, as movement can cause blurring of images.
  • X-ray base of the skull may be taken from different positions.

During X-ray base of skull utmost care must be taken to prevent aggravation of the injury.

Risks of X-ray base of skull

Although the benefits outweigh the risk of X-ray base of skull, risk due to radiation exposure is unavoidable.

  • Not advised during pregnancy.
  • Overexposure to radiation increases the risk of cancer.

Preparation before performing the X-ray base of skull

The radiologist may ask the patient about current medical condition and pregnancy status prior to X-ray base of skull.

  • No fasting is needed before X-ray base of skull.
  • Patient must be dressed in comfortable clothes and without any accessories.

Post-care after X-ray base of skull

Depending on patients condition post care for X-ray base of skull varies. The patient can resume activities as per doctor’s advice.

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