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Overview Brief

Vimentin is a protein of type III intermediate filament (IF) expressed in mesenchymal cells.

Overview Brief

Vimentin is a protein of type III intermediate filament (IF) expressed in mesenchymal cells.

What is Vimentin?

Vimentin is a major type of intermediate cytoplasmic filaments that stain cells like vascular smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts, and endothelial cells.

It is expressed with lung, thyroid, liver as well as carcinomas of breast, stomach, and skin and is, therefore, used as a control marker for cancer diagnosis. There is a potential abnormality in the tissue if it can not be demonstrated in certain mesenchymal elements and hence further cancer diagnosis can be performed. Vimentin testing is performed on biopsy tissue to measure vimentin levels.

Why is Vimentin suggested?

The immunohistochemistry test for Vimentin is used to detect tumors or carcinomas and is, therefore, a control marker used in cancer diagnosis.

How is Vimentin performed?

The biopsy procedure of extracting the tissue differs depending on the tumor being tested. A simple biopsy, however, involves tissue removal from the site using a needle.

  • Usually, the needle is larger than the one used for a simple blood test and may, therefore, be more painful.
  • Cotton is held over the injection site to prevent bleeding.
  • The area will be wiped from any infection.

What are the parameters measured in Vimentin?

The Vimentin test is measured in Micrograms per milliliter.

Preparation before performing Vimentin

Vimentin Immunohistochemistry does not involve any specific preparation.

  • Inform the doctor about any medicines you have taken.
  • If you have any allergies.
  • No dietary changes are required.

Post-care after Vimentin

After the Vimentin test:-

  • Apply enough pressure to the area injected to stop the bleeding.
  • A warm pack can be applied, to relieve discomfort.

Sample types in Vimentin

For the Vimentin test, a blood tissue or fluid from the organ is injected out for testing.

If you want to get a Vimentin test done, please see the mfine website for more details.

Side effects/risks of Vimentin

There is no risks or effect after the Vimentin test, however in rare cases:-

  • A little pain might occur due to the usage of a needle.
  • There can be swelling in the area that is injected.

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