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Visual Evoked Potential or VEP is an advanced vision test that looks at how your vision is working.

What is VEP?

The VEP test is a non-invasive, painless procedure, where your eye doctor can check to see your eyes are functioning well. In a VEP test, the light from the image enters the eye and then it turns into electrical energy in the retina. The VEP test is done in cases of loss of vision, flashing lights, blurred vision, double vision, weakness of eyes and alteration in colour vision.

How is a VEP Performed?

A VEP test is an advanced test that is performed in the following way:

  • Three small areas on your head will be cleaned.
  • Sensory pads will be placed on the cleaned parts.
  • You will be asked to cover one eye at a time, while the test is run.
  • When the test begins, black and white patterns will flip around the computer screen and you will be asked to focus on those patterns
  • The computer will produce a report.

A VEP test is one of the best ways to help your doctor understand the functioning of your eye system.

Side Effects and Risks of VEP

There are no side effects or risks of a VEP test. It’s a painless procedure.

Preparation before Performing a VEP

Below are a few things to follow before the VEP test.

  • Avoid any types of oils, gels, makeup before the test.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • If you wear glasses then make sure you get them for the test.
  • Avoid medications that could make you drowsy.
  • Arrive on time, so you can relax.
  • If you have any eye conditions make sure to inform the technician.

Other than these few points there are no major preparations that are needed for a VEP test.

Post-care after VEP.

A VEP test is safe and non-invasive and there are no post-care measures that are required.

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