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The USG – Testis, also known as scrotal ultrasound, produces images of testicles and the surrounding tissues in a scrotum.

What is USG – Testis?

The USG – Testis is a non-invasive procedure that makes use of high-frequency sound waves to take pictures of the organs inside one’s body.

A USG – Testis procedure is performed when the physical examination indicated the presence of a cyst or a lump in the testicles. It can be used to determine the reasons behind the pain in one’s scrotum or to assess the causes of infertility.

A USG – Testis can also be used to study the blood flow in the region and check for the presence of any abnormalities in the vessels if any. They help in determining if anything is interfering with the flow of semen, causing infertility.

How is USG – Testis performed?

The USG – Testis procedure is performed in the following way:

  • The patient is asked to spread their legs and lie on the table.
  • The scrotum of the patient is elevated by placing a towel under it.
  • The sonographer applies a gel on the scrotum and takes images.

The procedure takes about half an hour to complete.

Side effects/risks of USG – Testis

There aren’t any risks involved with the USG – Testis procedure, but a patient with testicular torsion or infection may feel some discomfort or pain during the test.

Preparation before performing USG – Testis

Keep the following things in mind while preparing for a USG – Testis:

  • Dress in comfortable clothing.
  • Discuss your medical history with the radiologist.

Post-care after USG – Testis

One can resume their daily activities after they’re done with the USG – Testis examination.

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