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One would be advised to get a USG of chest examination done, in order to check for problems of the organs and structures within the chest, valves, lungs etcetera.

What is USG of Chest?

USG of the chest is an examination that helps to get a quick view of internal chest structures and organs from the outside. You may be asked to get a USG of chest examination if there is extra fluid in your chest, cancer, inflammation or infection and to have a look at the heart and the valves as well. Your health provider may ask you to get a USG of chest done for a number of different reasons.

How is the USG of Chest Performed?

A USG of chest will be performed in the following way:

  • You will be given a loose gown to wear.
  • You will be asked to either lie on your back or sit in a position with your arms raised and your hands kept behind your neck.
  • A gel will be applied in the area.
  • The transducer will be pressed against your chest and moved around.
  • You may be asked to change positions, or even cough and sniff.

USG of chest examinations is a procedure that comes with many advantages since it produces real-time images.

Side Effects and Risks of USG of Chest.

There are no side effects or risks of a USG of chest examination. It also comes with no risks from radiation and is also safe to be performed during pregnancy.

Preparation before Performing USG of Chest

There are no major preparations to be done before USG of chest. However, you may need to follow a few things:

  • Your healthcare provider would talk to you, in order to help you relax.
  • You will be asked to sign a consent form.
  • You would need to change into a loose gown.
  • You would be asked to remove jewelry and other objects that may come in the way.

Post-care after USG of Chest

For a USG of chest examination, there are no post-care measures to be taken.

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