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USG Obstetrical is a scan done on women who are pregnant. The waves from the USG will show real-time images of a developing embryo or fetus that is present in the womb of the pregnant person.


What is USG Obstetrical?

USG Obstetrical is a scan performed on a pregnant woman’s fetus to identify any physical abnormity, the functioning of the heart or any other birth defect that can be prevented at an early stage before the fetus is fully grown. The test results of a USG Obstetrical screening will guide the doctor or gynecologist to recommend the pregnant person further diagnostic test or medication. USG Obstetrical needs to be done time to time as recommended or suggested by the doctor.

How is USG Obstetrical performed?

USG Obstetrical is performed by radiologists in the following way:

  • The woman will be asked to lie on her back on a specially designed bed or chair that keeps the body partially upright from the hips upwards.
  • Then, a gel will be applied to the stomach, nearest to the fetus.
  • The radiologists will use a hand-held instrument to pass high-frequency sound waves.
  • An image of the baby is produced by the reflection of those sound waves that are displayed on a monitor.

The entire USG Obstetrical takes approximately 30 minutes.

Side effects/risks of USG Obstetrical

USG Obstetrical does not have any side effects on the patients or fetus because ionizing radiation is not used during the scan.

The sound wave & gel used in USG Obstetrical does not have any physical or internal effect on the patient or fetus.

Preparation before performing USG Obstetrical 

Before a USG Obstetrical screening, you would have to keep the following things in mind:

  • Adequate consumption of water is advised before the scan is performed. Consumption of water helps the radiologists to get a clear image of the fetus and the reproductive organs.

Post-care after USG Obstetrical

After a USG Obstetrical screening, if there are any problems or complications found, your doctor will advise on what needs to be done. This could differ depending on how severe the problem is.

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