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USG Level II is generally done for all pregnant women where the doctor focuses on the baby’s vital organs.

What is USG Level II?

USG Level II is almost similar to the normal ultrasound. The doctor needs to get a good look at the baby’s growth and watch out for any problems like down syndrome or other abnormalities etcetera. Today, USG Level II  is like a routine pregnancy check for a woman in the second trimester. The baby’s vital organs like brain and heart can easily be checked using this procedure. With a USG Level II scan, you can watch your little one growing in your womb.

How is USG Level II performed?

USG Level II is a very simple scan that is performed in the following way:

  • You will be asked to lie on your back on the examination table with your belly exposed.
  • A gel will be applied on the belly.
  • The radiologist will hold the transducer against the belly and move it around.
  • The sound waves will produce an image on the screen.

The USG Level II  is an advanced scan where your doctor can get a better view of the happenings in your womb.

Side effects/risks of USG Level II

You do not have to worry at all because with a USG Level II, there are no side effects or risks at all.

Preparation before performing USG Level II

When going in for a USG Level II scan, you would have to prepare in the following way:

  • You maybe asked to change into a loose gown.
  • Arrive well in advance, so you have ample of time to relax before the scan.
  • You would be asked to drink plenty of water, so that the radiologist would get a better view.

USG Level II is a scan that would typically last around 20 to 30 minutes. 

Post-care after USG Level II

USG Level II is a safe examination and there is absolutely no post-care required at all.

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