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Overview Brief

Abnormal masses and lumps require an immediate diagnosis for effective treatment, and a surgical biopsy is often expensive and time-consuming. USG Guided – FNAC is a useful test in this regard.

What is USG Guided – FNAC?

USG Guided – FNAC is a diagnostic procedure that makes use of ultrasonography to investigate abnormal masses or lumps through cell sampling.

FNAC stands for fine-needle aspiration cytology. In USG Guided – FNAC, ultrasound waves are used to guide the insertion of a thin hollow needle into the mass, whose cells are then tested under a microscope [1]. The technique is useful in detecting cancerous lumps and other harmful masses or lesions.

USG Guided FNAC allows for easier sampling of cells even in hard-to-access areas like the intra-abdominal regions and is hence the preferred cell sampling technique.

How is USG Guided – FNAC performed?

USG Guided – FNAC is performed by a designated radiologist.

  • A hollow needle is inserted into the mass.
  • Ultrasound waves guide the needle as it samples cells.
  • The cells are stained and examined under a microscope.

USG Guided – FNAC typically costs less and is faster than a traditional biopsy.

Side effects/risks of USG Guided – FNAC

The following potential risks are associated with USG Guided – FNAC.

  • Slight bruising around the site of needle puncture.
  • Minor risk of infection.

Preparations before performing USG Guided – FNAC

The following preparations ensure that USG Guided – FNAC goes smoothly.

  • Routine blood tests may be taken two weeks before.
  • Patients may be asked to avoid anti-inflammatory medicines [2].

Post-care after USG Guided – FNAC

No specific post-care is required for USG Guided – FNAC.

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